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I am done.
Well...just going to keep this short...I will wright more in detail when there is time to think and what not.

Nuka and I are no longer together. I feel we have two different views on a relationship. Also I know wtaht there are things that I have done that I know were wrong and were one of the few of the things that led to our demise. We both fucked up in our parts and I am aware of what I have done especially. No I didn't cheat or anything on him. It's nothing that severe, although still bad enough to loose his trust in a lot of things.

I am dealing and will continue to focus on schoolwork. We are still going t o be friends but in due time...right now is the healing process and that may take quiet a bit of time to do. I don't wanna loose him as a friend or anything because we've been through so much and have shared so much and I know so much about him I don't wanna throw that away. It just wasn't truly meant to be. I still care for him as a friend and will continue to do so. He influenced my life in ways I can't thank him enough for but maybe we are just better off as friends and nothing more.

I guess I truly didn't see the error of my ways until it was too late. Well I see now and I plan on not making those mistakes the future...but for now ...I don't see anything but friendship and healing.

To whoever reads this he is not a monster and I am not either....we just had to part ways in terms of a relationship.



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