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Dreams are dreams, life and death.
So I had the most enthralling dream this morning. I had a very lucid dream and I think it's one of the most memorable I'll have in a while. 

I have a very overactive mind at times. I really hope you guys enjoy this because I know I did and I really feel like this is like a short story or something but it was awesome and it was all in dream. 

So to begin then. 

Chapter I 

I was with my mom and sister when we arrived at a little hotel that looked like it came from the fifties it was very art deco with some modern additions, to put it easily some of the building looked like it was very "sustainable". So we walked in and it was all fine and nice on the inside. I walked around and wondered some to see the rest of the place before we ventured further. My mom was with the clerk at the desk getting our names and keys. My sister was texting her b/f. I was walking down the hall and noticed some weird things. I saw that the people there looked...disconnected, socially and mentally. They didn't look like they were thinking. I was stopped by a lady who had asked me my name and before I could tell her, she had walked away, uninterested. I then walked back to my mom, freaked out by the fact that the woman just about-faced me and left. I asked my mom if she noticed anything weird about the clerk. She said "nothing was the matter with him." Then she had asked me what was wrong? I just said "nothing, it's nothing." 

Chapter II 

We waked to our room and we found our room. We were on the first floor of this hotel and it felt like we had the entire wing to ourselves. I told my mom that I'd be back in a few, I wanted to wander some more, get a better grip of the surroundings. She said "ok". I walked out and proceeded down the rest of the hall which made a right turn after our room. I walked down then I heard some chatter in the room I started walking towards. I heard. "Are they here yet?" A deeper voice said "Yes, they are". Then the other voice before it said "Good!" Then as soon as I heard that I went back to my room I didn't want to even lean in to the two mens' conversation. I headed back to my room and slid the key. 

Chapter III

I walked in to find no one in the room. How could they have gone so fast . I wasn't even gone for more than a few minutes. Even so they didn't even tell me that they were going anywhere. I proceeded to call my Mom then my sister...no one answered. I was kind of worried, as if events that had took place already weren't freaking me out as it is. I decided to walk around some more and search. I went out back to the pool area and saw not a pool, but these chambers that were octangular shaped and the size of a body. They were sea foam green colored. I was a bit disturbed and a chill ran down my spine I don't know what this was about but when I walked further into this I was stunned and felt a rush of searing hot pain in my leg and nothing but white enveloped me. I wokke up on a plastic like rectangle. I was in some weird place. It looked like this. 


Except this was submerged underwater and some of the blocks were sticking out of the water. I don't know why it looked like the Time Trial maps from Mirrors Edge...but they did, sort of. I looked around me and all I could see was blue...water...blue sky with some white clouds and the sun. All I heard was the water hit up against the blocks and I sat there in amazement at my surroundings. 

Chapter V

I stood up and realized that this was like a puzzle something in my head triggered and I realized I was here for a reason. I had to solve this. Placing all the events in font of me and figuring out what I had to find I knew it was simple, this is a test to find my family. I dove into the crystal clear water and felt a surge of shock all around me the water was cold and refreshing to the feel. I soon as I started looking there were little clues that starting floating up from what looked like a bottomless ocean of light blue. My sister's cell phone was one of the things to pop up and then later on a few miles in were my mom's sunglasses. I saw something in the distance it was something red, bright red. It looked like a block it started coming closer to me and i was floating there, nervous. I didn't want to mess with it so I turned the other way and started swimming then it just appeared in front of me again. I went the other way and it appeared again. I just then realized maybe I should touch it. Then I did and I was surrounded by white light again then woke up in the real world again. I was at a pool side and my leg was throbbing. I thought I was transported to yet another pace but it was the hotel, only now there were no pods of sea foam green lined back here. 

Chapter VI

I got up an saw some people at the pool starring blankly at me. I then got up and regained my composure. I walked inside and went straight to my room o find my mom and sister there. My sister, on her phone texting her b/f again. My mom Just fresh from the shower and ready to hit the bar or something after a nice dip in the pool. My sister asked me where have I been? I just reply with "I think I just died". My mom had the most confused and disturbed look on her face and I had asked her if she saw me at the pool lying on the side of it and she said no. There was a knock at the door. My mom opened it ...it was two men. They asked for my mom and sister...and I realized who these men where ...they were the ones chatting in that room that I had waked to. I got up from the bed and found that my leg was all cleared up. I asked them why did they need my family and they said that it was none of my business. I saw him take something out of his pocket that looked like a weapon and I didn't want any of it so I dashed for the first guy and his are extended and he whipped me across the room with it. My mom and sis were screaming and they were both taken away I couldn't get up in time but when I did I rushed to the door and there were hotel workers and tourists waiting for me. I started fighting my way through. The clerk was there too. They all looked robotic like cyborgs and then it hit me...that's what they were that's what the pods were for ...there "charging statins/creation pods" or something like that. I just knew that there had to be a way out so I started fighting and dodging my way out of their view. Using everything I could find as a weapon. Then I got to a room where I heard muffled yelling and opened the door. It was my mom and sister. they were okay and I took them out of the room and we started to walk out of the lobby. I asked her if the men did anything to her or my sis and she said no. They were fine and we left that place, never to return. 

There you go guys. I don't know why my dream was like this but it was and I don't know why it ended the way it did. Just hope it's an interesting read. :D