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School...for the last time.
Well I never thought this day would come soon enough. The thoght dawned on me today that wow....this is my last year in College....I can't believ it. So yeah coming to terms with that this year will be going even faster than all my previous years have gone before. I am lucky to have such freinds and family that believe in me and what I do and for the pat few months have understood and were open enough to understand the changes that I've been going through, mentally, physically and all around. I am looking forward to starting school again...this one final time and getting through all my classes with great marks and in the end knowing thatI am successful and determined. I am grateful for the love that I have he has been everything to me form the moment I met him I know that we would be together for a long time. He just owrks for me and I work for him. We get along so well and I feel so comfortable around him...from when he walks into the roomI feel so at piece it's amazing. I am truly blessed to have someone like him in my now I'm talking about you. <3 Though we've had our rough times and our fights It has only made us closer together...even the short breaks that we have from school ending and being apart...coming back to see you makes my love for you magnify and intensify with every time we reunite. I love you so much and I don't know where I would be with out your support. In a way...I look up to you too. There is more to this I just can't put it in words just yet. Give it time....and I will explain this to you someday. Just know that in a way you are my role model as well as a friend and lover. I look forward to the school year to see you again and hopefully we won't have to part again for break after this school year.

I know this turned iinto something else from the beginning of this writing to know. I just don't plan out things like this...things that come from the heart...they just flow and flow and ruse to the top of my thoughts until they come out like words, beautiful, heart-felt words. Love you lots and I always will. "Whatever the hell happens I'll love you hardcore, no mater what!" :3


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